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  • Electric cars and guide dogs - off F/book

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 3 months ago

    Today my husband and I with our two guide dogs had another near miss with an electric car. We were crossing a side road and it came in off the main road and passed very close in front of us. If it’d been a petrol or diesel engine, or if it’d had a sound emitter fitted, we’d have heard it, but, apart from the sound of the tyres on the road, it was virtually silent.

    I am a confident guide dog handler but I can honestly say that silent electric vehicles scare me. I fear that it will take serious injury to a blind person, or even worse, death, before any meaningful legislation is put into place. If it happens to me or someone that I care about, I’ll be in court and I won’t rest until we have justice.

    So please, if you drive an electric vehicle, switch on your sound emitter. After all, you wouldn’t drive at night without your lights on, it’s the same thing.

    Many people will like this post but please don’t. I ask anyone who would have hit the like button to please hit the share button instead and pass this far and wide. I fear for our lives and those of these two amazing dogs. See Less

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