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  • Eek - Windows 7 and Bank

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 11 months ago

    Just had an email from bank to advise against using Windows 7 for banking - has anyone else received a message or just my bank. Advises using a different system (I'm presuming that means Window 10) or tablet - I do have a Fire tablet but feel 'safer' on desktop and don't have banking on my tablet - and would be even less happy having it on a phone (if I had a smart phone, which I haven't).

    • Windows7 will not be updated or supported any more by Microsoft, therefore it is open to attacks fro..

    • Yes, I know - though they are still updating every night - so there is no security site that can pro..

    • Anti-virus and security suite programs cannot defend against the operating system if it's not being ..

    • Say it like it is, Ray!

    • @Se... would I lie to you 😇😇😇

    • What Ray said, Selsey!

      The banks might even be able to prevent you from logging on from a Win 7 mac..

    • I think my Win7 laptop hard drive has just failed -- I was suspicious about it anyway, so I ran a CH..

    • Did they have two, Peter? I get by with anything connected to computers on a wing and a prayer - the..

    • Your chrome book is probably the answer! I'll try to reply again this afternoon. (send me a PM if I ..

    • @Pe... - thanks, will get it fired up.

    • @Se... if the chromebook doesn't work out, then get an android tablet not an apple ipad as they are..

    • Two points. 1) Selsey, could you please tell us the name of your bank that told you about Win 7. 2) ..

    • @Be... the askleo link is way out of date, but the CNET link is a good one if her PC can take it a..

    • Online banking should only require use of a browser, and possibly a separate hardware device for sec..

    • I use telephone banking, much simpler.

    • Sorry, woke up with such a bad neck this morning and can't turn my head so everything on hold until ..

    • Each to their own, Terry, but telephone banking is simpler because you cannot do as much.

      (Viewing a..

    • @Pe... - I don't have a laptop, just an HP Pavillion all-in-one desktop and very loathe to have a l..

    • Sorry, @Se..., there are so many forms of computer now that I often use 'laptop' to refer to any ki..

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