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  • Dripping tap - a temporary ‘fix’

    Lesley A @Lesley4 Langton Green updated 6 months ago

    We have a dripping tap. Well it dripped for a few days but then started flowing rather than dripping - expensive and wasteful. I know we should sort it ourselves but decided to get a plumber in. He can’t come until Monday but suggested in meantime that we press down hard on the top of the tap and if that stops the drip (it did) to put an elastic band around it holding it in down position. Worked wonders!

    • I think dripping taps are repaired for free by water board? - I think ours was

    • Never heard of that Elizabeth. Edit: No googled it - it is definitely our responsibility- though the..

    • @Le... lucky me hubby ex plumber and all round odd job man 👨

    • Lucky you, indeed, Charlotte- husband ex history teacher - Can recite all the kings and Queens of En..

    • @Le... 😂 my hubby is pretty good on history too.

    • You can get insurance/service agreement with water company/British Gas. You pay a monthly charge but..

    • @Sk... And they charge a hefty fee for their services.

    • @Le... Yes I know, just look at their service charge recently, it wouldn't be so bad if you didn't..

    • @Sk... I stopped buying any of those insurance type covers a while back as they are an expensive ri..

    • I agree, they have got worse, it's a very greedy society we have these days, just look at the rip of..

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