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  • Vera @Vera2 Bromley Common updated 6 months ago

    Deleted comments

    I'm seeing a lot of "This comment was deleted by its author". Is this because I have been blocked by someone or members are not reading their comments, before posting, and therefore delete them if they feel they are not appropriate?
    • More likely if there 'a lot' a member has decided to remove their contributions to a Post because it..

    • @Ve... I agree with @Cl...

      MrSokPuppitt has a habit of doing this on a regular basis, in order to ..

    • @Ve... in pastime it usually means we made a boo boo , wrong spelling or had a senior moment

    • @Lo... absolutely and not just in pastimes. I have even posted in the wrong thread and had to rem..

    • @Ro... Guilty as well and sometime comments are slow to load up so ones posting does not make sense..

    • @Lo... it happens in the Guess the Sketch group frequently.

    • @Ve... various reasons obviously reading the replies above. I deleted one recently on the scorpion t..

    • @Ve... If the wording is " deleted by the author" it's just that deleted by the person who wrote it...

    • Do people not know they can edit comments to change wording or spelling mistakes?

    • @Mr... i suspect Vera knows that.... it's a bit of a pet subject and she just likes to post ab..

    • @Ve... why are you making such a big thing? I know i can edit, but in the latest instance which i tr..

    • @Ve... sometimes it's just easier to scrub it and start again.

    • @Mr... and there aren't that many posts these days, so why not discuss the deleted ones to kee..

    • @Ro... I removed a post from your thread due to posting it in the wrong place. Apologies for that b..

    • @Un... naughty! Thanks for letting me know 😉

    • @Ro... It's the very least a gentleman can do sir😉

    • This comment has been hidden by a moderator.

      6 months ago
    • @Ro... would you lend me twenty quid. 👍

    • And me a million?

    • This comment has been hidden by a moderator.

      6 months ago
    • It is a pity a reason for the delete or hidden can't be given. Often the following comments make no ..

    • @Ve... it was a firm offering loans and was deleted but two comments alluding to it are still there,..

    • @Se... if other hadn't seen the original comment, it would be useful if deleted or hidden were give..

    • I never realised some members delete posts to 'bump' the thread and others forget which character th..

    • @Sc...

      I'm puzzled - I deleted the money lender's comments in the two groups I moderate and ..

    • @Le... Morning Lesley. When you hide a comment, it can be seen that there was one, whereas deletin..

    • @Jo... how come I see so many 'deleted' messages on threads?

      Happy Easter Sunday everyone 🥂

    • @Ve... Morning Vera. They are deleted by the writer for various reasons.

    • When a moderator decides a comment needs to be deleted the system untidily leaves a message saying i..

    • SL...Should a member that has been suspended from a group, still be able to respond with the "like" ..

    • Currently non-members of Groups have been barred from up/down voting comments . But with the emoji r..

    • @Le... Yes, very confusing: see my edited comment below your comment. Can anyone explain what happ..

    • I’m not fussed about any of it tbh, I just read the posts that are there and done even wonder about ..

    • @Jo... Maybe it just disappeared on my threads with no message because there weren't any comments a..

    • @Cl... There have been a couple of times I've had a comment deleted by a moderator with no notifica..

    • Why am I not surprised that @Cl... has not replied to my comment above. To quote you recently " the..

    • .....I didn't have an answer last night and have no answer this morning suggest you raise it as a fa..

    • I'm referring to my deleted posts in Anything for which you didn't give a reason or notify me

    • ....... by the way I never did get a public reply to my request for him to reveal the aliases he was..

    • Sparky Brian is still throwing thunderbolts around. He has now gone back months to my old comments. ..

    • @Mr... If it's any consolation Sparky Marky is throwing them at me now. And I don't have a clu..

    • Hi everyone, just been sledging with the kids. I hear Sparky's given up the ukulele for a piano. We ..

    • @Mr... After hearing that outstanding piano playing I've figured out the true identity of Spa..

    • This comment has been hidden by a moderator.

      6 months ago
    • Sparky it's sunny out maybe your lacking in vitamin D go get some rays. By the way how is the dossie..

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