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  • Dead broadband

    Belaxyz @Belaxyz Loughton updated 1 year ago

    Dear very knowledgeable friends, Last week my broadband stopped working. If anybody knows how to get it working which is/was a Sky broadband This old man (that is me at 85) would be most grateful. Or tell me whom to call at BT, Please let me know by messaging me. Many thanks in advance for your help.

    • HiFirstly you need to find out who your broadband provider?If its Sky then call Skybroadband 0333 75..

    • Avtar, many thanks for your helpful advice. I tried Sky Broadband (BB) and they turned out to be a u..

    • Avtar, I have tried BT and they checked the line and reported it as OK. I have e little problem usin..

    • Belaxyz I joined Plusnet late last year and have had no problems as yet & they are much cheaper that..

    • Hi, just joined.I am with Plusnet, many years, never had any great problems.. Their helpline is quit..

    • I wouldn't say a helpline is good if one has to listen to their music for quite a time 😉 - or are yo..

    • Once and once only... It was many years ago, but I still remember ringing some tech company once (fo..

    • Dear All, I am happy to say that I am now on Plusnet BB and very happy. Also it is MUCH cheaper than..

    • Belaxyz I saved by moving my BB & Phone to Plusnet and earlier this year, have had no problems.

    • I am satisfied even if I have to wait a bit for technical support. The time mentioned is usually qui..

    • Thank you All for your helpful comments. It would appear that Plusnet is the top BB supplier.

    • Plusnet's prices are cheap and as long as everything works they are a good option, but dread the day..

    • I wonder if any Plusnet users could help me/advise me this elderly (85) fellow. I have a 2704n route..

    • here you go Bela !!

    • Oh dear, recent results for Home Broadband results:

    • Clive, many thanks for your help. I now go and read a lot and let you know how I got on.

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