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  • Date of Jesus's Birth

    Ryan T @Tony7 Bernards Heath updated 2 days ago

    Jesus was definitely NOT born on 25 December.

    An extract of one of the many web links on this controversial matter gives -

    Jesus was NOT born on 25 December.

    The approximate month of Jesus’s birth is estimated to be around the time of Tishri (mid to late September). To arrive at this date, start at the conception of John the Baptist, Sivan (June), count forward six months to arrive at Gabriel’s announcement of the conception of Jesus, Kislev (December), then count forward nine more months, the time it takes for human gestation, to reach Tishri (September), when Jesus was born in or around 2 BC.

    The date and time of Jesus's birth is unknown and the Bible was written 50 + years after his death.
    Absolutely nothing is factual, simply hearsay and circumstantial.

    Comments are welcome.

    • @To... Thanks Brian!!!

    • How about the week of August 13th, in 5 B.C. (Julian)?

    • Jesus's birthday on 25 December is a convenience arrangement, rather like our Queen's official birth..

    • History from around 2000 years ago is the product of thousands of writers over many years, from frag..

    • @To... My AI keyboard keeps changing your name to Brian.

    • Lets all watch the Life Of Brian,,,

    • If we could only find the Virgin Mary's laptop we would all know for sure, wouldn't we?.

    • @Ro... Success!

    • @Mr... - why, have you found it?

    • @Se... Yes, it's being sold on eBay by someone called Mike B.

    • @Se... Current bid is 2021 Shekels.

    • Auction finished. Successful bidder was a BrianM at 2525.

    • From the crazy comments posted on this thread, it is obvious the members on here are not interested ..

    • @To... Thank you for raising this. I have read many interesting theories about the date of Jesus' bi..

    • @ma... It's just a fairy story or folklore to all us non-believers!

    • @Ha... yes the precise date equally insignificant to both groups.

    • @Ha... I agree with you, it is a nice story

    • Just a reminder...... this Group does expect all members to respect the beliefs and opinions of all ..

    • The most fascinating aspect of religious beliefs is that every culture in history has created an aft..

    • @Cl... I do believe that you may be disrespecting my beliefs!

    • @Jo... I think it's easily explained by human nature and what psychology calls 'animistic' thinking.

    • Not at all ! ....... I respect your beliefs as much as I do anyone else's...

    • @Cl..., Goody - and Happy New Year to you too!

    • Assuming it were possible to pinpoint the precise date of the birth, what difference would it make t..

    • In war, each side prays to its god (may even be the same one) for victory!

    • Recommended reading.

    • @Jo... thought provoking

    • @Mr... Very true,further, and despite the "Love thy neighbour" bit there has been just as muc..

    • I was brought up C of E, was a choirboy a server and a sub sacristan over the years, but with the pa..

    • My first Bible was given to me aged 5: it is by me as I write.Chapter 1 verse 1"In the beginning God..

    • 'Noah, his family, and representatives of all the animals of the earth are called upon to enter the ..

    • The Ark has passed my house twice in these recent damp years, or was it all a dream...

    • @Jo... Unlikely, probably a car going through a puddle or perhaps there is something adrift with your..

    • All religions are figments of the human mind and totally fictitious.

    • So why did you give us so much detail about a non-existent person? Does anyone know about the life o..

    • I expect Brian does

    • @Bo... Perhaps Brian could post and let us know what he does all day. Oh, I've just remembered, we a..

    • @Mr... You cannot even read properly or do not have the intelligence to interpret -I NEVER SA..

    • Ah! So all that malarkey at the son of god's birth could have been a waste of time if he hadn't reac..

    • @Mr... I shouted for your benefit, so you got the message.Jesus was simply a mere mortal cons..

    • Thought for the day.Christians believe in the love of your fellow man.

    • @Jo... WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and a thousand other bloodthirsty conflicts since the birth of Jesus ..

    • An extract from - gives this estimate of fellow humans ..

    • @To... Long before Christianity there were wars. Do you think the leaders of every nation, tribe, po..

    • @To... Aren't you in danger of committing the very sin that you complained about, namely, going off ..

    • @Jo... In enumerating the reasons for war haven't you forgotten the most powerful reason of all?, one..

    • Can't see why it matters if someone goes off topic. Discussions often morph and makes it more intere..

    • @li... Clearly some small deviation from the main subject adds "body" to any debate, but, I would a..

    • Off topic ? Of course it has gone off topic. It is a topic which is ripe for going off topic to dive..

    • @Ro... Your apples and pears thinking is entirely wrong and irrelevant.Christ's birth and the subject..

    • @To... I stand corrected, I had not realized that you were the only person in this group with that s..

    • @To... I disagree. Apples and pears are members of the plant family Rosaceae, both fruit that grow o..

    • @Ha... Hatty, Christ and Christianity are one and the same thing, not different subjects.Apples and Pe..

    • @Ha... I have also noticed that everything is turning into a “I know more than you” bickering conversa..

    • What is really commendable about this lively and interesting thread, is that the OP mentions "Commen..

    • I find 'faith' a very interesting subject. It's closely related to trust and belief in something or ..

    • @Le... excellent summary of trust and belief. If someone wants to believe in a person's birthdate,..

    • @Jo... yes Christians believe in love for their fellow man. If we could just abide by that one belief..

    • Although I am an atheist I envy the comfort that religion brings to billions of people worldwide. I ..

    • @Al... I agree but how often do those who say they are following a similar path adhere strictly to t..

    • I must admit i have transgressed on several counts

    • @Bo... Good for you, admitting it is a start. So many think they are perfect . I know I am not. 😀

    • Respecting the original post, this is a report from Matthew, about Jesus's Sermon on the Mount.1 Jud..

    • @Jo... that has just reminded me to make an appointment to spec savers 😎 sorry I couldn't resist

    • I wasn’t brought with any religion, my father of Jewish blood was an atheist and my mother was agnos..

    • I find this religion business both unbelievable and laughable.

      The factual proof that all religion i..

    • PS -Did God help the Pope when he was shot ?Its a joke - of course he never, because he is non-exist..

    • @To... Can you explain how miracles happen and have you ever considered that perhaps there could be ..

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      3 days ago
    • @To... I think you are missing the point of the last few posts. I think we were agreeing that it doe..

    • The Soul is described in the dictionary as -

      "the spiritual part of a person that some people believ..

    • I wonder if sometimes people prefer to believe than face what might be reality.

    • @Al... The dictionary says -

      Miracle = an unusual and mysterious event that is thought to have been ..

    • I have no faith or beliefs religion wise. I do believe there is more out there than we understand an..

    • @To... Back to your original post of questionable history, which most correspondents have agreed wit..

    • @Jo... Joss - you should know better than ask such a silly question."Believable" is entirely dependen..

    • @To... Personal weakness admitted it was a very silly question, and received an erudite response,Ple..

    • @To... I have witnessed my long-departed father in law contact my late wife forty-odd years after he..

    • @Se... I often think that it must be wonderful to just assign things to 'God's will' rather than di..

    • @To... Why not give it a rest?, we have all recognized that we poor "souls" cannot possibly match, "..

    • Teague, you go on about members writing irrelevant comments, but Here you are again. Yet another att..

    • @ji... 'You’re the one that needs to give it a rest with those unbearable lectures we get subjected t..

    • Bearing in mind the OP is about religious history, fact and beliefs.A note about St. Paul [ appointe..

    • The Jews put God on trial in a famous case at Austwichz, and found him guilty-

    • Factual background as on the internet. It appears a very interesting TV play, and that the actual tr..

    • I watched the play the other night. A fascinating and riveting piece of work. A fantastic series of ..

    • It sounds an interesting concept. Can you get it on iplayer? Sorry off topic but also there was a BB..

    • Not on iPlayer. I watched it on a world tv on demand app-

    • Ahh beyond my capabilities

    • Continually choosing a new name, location and avatar can lead to confusion....

    • @Mr... I haven’t changed a thing ever??

    • I was going to comment on this post but didn't want to upset the purists for going off topic, so per..

    • And the wreckers o ce more derail an interesting thread. Why is this allowed to happen?Yes, there ar..

    • @An... That wasn't directed to you Anna, it was for the 'new' vociferous posters!!!

    • An informed thread about the life of Jesus, birth, life and travels, would be very welcome.

    • @Jo... Agreed. Preferably excluding 'The Life of Brian'.

    • IMO the concept of virgin birth has completely undone the set of values written in the bible, as has..

    • Many millions of people around the world draw great comfort from their faith irrespective of what th..

    • @Mr... Thank you for your support but ignore him , he hasn't been around long enough to bothe..

    • Ron please stick to the subject and leave member comments to me . Thanks.

    • @Cl... Delighted to Clive but I thought that the Poster had moved the subject on to abusing members..

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