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  • Damp and mould in cupboard

    Boots @Boots Dagenham updated 1 month ago

    i have an old fashioned built in cupboard in my bedroom where i keep coats.
    It is damp and the walls are now mouldy - what can i do ?

    • Wipe down with bleach solution and keep the door open for starters. Get someone (ha ha - mission imp..

    • I've done the bleach bit, originally the walls and back were painted with gloss paint and damp used ..

    • for starters I would use that bleach that @Se... mentioned and then set up some small air heater ru..

    • @Bo..., it can be damp just due to condensation. If there is moisture in the air, it will always set..

    • I had the same problem years ago when I bought an Edwardian ground floor conversion flat and had a f..

    • I have now dried it out from the bleach wash using my hair dryer.When I get the decorators in [which..

    • Thanks to all for advice, now how to get damp marks off of my favourite black suede boots.

    • Brush them outside and put them in the sun to kill off mildew.

    • Won't the sun fade them?

    • Which country are you living in, Boots!

    • Check the gutters outside,and the airbricks.. I think you can put a sealant on before you decorate. ..

    • Don't have an air brick for that room, some of my gutters where cleared a few weeks ago but not all,..

    • Few things Bootsie. Take everything out of cupboard and wash down walls with bleech. Then spray some..

    • Can you paint over polystyrene ? tried washing down with a bleach solution but polystyrene doesn't r..

    • Hmm can't you get it off if it is inside cupboard or any damp won't dry out. Needs air circulating a..

    • @Bo... yes you can, if you must.

    • @Ly... - it was put on to stop the damp running down the gloss painted walls.

    • @Bo... - I wouldn't but no expert. I think I would actually remove it as you don't really know what'..

    • @Se... I do because i put it up

    • Ah but what's got behind it since? When you say polystyrene, do you you mean like the old ceiling ti..

    • Thinner on a roll

    • @Bo... we often put it on walls for insulation in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

    • Don't think you can sort out the mould while the polystyrene is there but try and bleach it all down..

    • Never noticed a damp smellLooking on Google about painting polystyrene it says use a water based pai..

    • I repaired a leaking radiator in a friends house a few years ago and found mould under the carpet wh..

    • @Bo... think you can buy something like a small air vent usually made of plastic. You have to make a..

    • Oh them, yes but would need someone with some sort of special saw to cut a hole in the door, as I sa..

    • Do you know anyone with a humidifier you could borrow? When I go out early with dog in my old car, I..

    • I had one years ago that I kept in the bedroom because of there not being an air brick in there, i w..

    • Try the cheapy one first, I think people put them on window cills too.

    • Looked on Amazon but most seem to be electric so have ordered from Coopers the rechargeable one, wil..

    • Yes you can buy the salts one and even some are perfumed. They sell them in the pound shop.

    • @Bo... - did you get the square ones, they are the ones I have. The inside of my windscreen used to ..

    • These ones.

    • Yes, they are the ones, had mine about 3/4 years. I've never seen an indicator light and they do get..

    • @Bo..., how about taking the door off?

    • @Ha... sounds a bit like Bernard Cribbins 😃

    • Or this:

    • I think between us all we can are making an excellent job of demolishing Boots' little nest!

    • I have a bad condensation problem in my porch I have painted it with anti-mould paint and got an ele..

    • I do the same as @Ti... in my garage to stop everything from getting damp and mouldy. I have a long ..

    • My dehumidifiers at last turned up yesterday, 1 now charged [15 hours !], the 'blue' crystals are bl..

    • @Bo... Snap!!! I ordered some been waiting ages for them mine came yesterday as well, can't believe ..

    • I wondered if they had arrived yet, I don't remember leaving mine on ever for 15 hours but that's me..

    • @Se... then Boots can be called @Ne...

    • I would have bought new boots before but can't any I like as much.Magic eraser ?- can't remember see..

    • What 'click' ?

    • @Bo... - a definite click when you put the charger in. Magic eraser is a strip of foam which you can..

    • I didn't get a click, the opening for the charger cable is at the bottom so it has to be upside down..

    • @Bo... - typically me, had mine lying flat to begin with. I never had a hanger - a few years old now..

    • I haven't got a click on mine either, just finished charging them took 10 hours to turn blue in the ..

    • Oh, well, just me then. Hopefully will do the trick for you or at least help, let us know.

    • Have only just caught up with this thread, so may have missed something. We have damp and mould that..

    • @Bo... If you buying new boots and old ones are black try to use permanent marker first. They might ..

    • @Li... We also use an electric dehumidifier. Just plug in and don't forget to empty water container...

    • @Lo... I tried that but dried a different black, almost purple - ish

    • @Li... @Lo... Do you find that the electric dehumidifiers cost a lot to run I have one but I don'..

    • I must admit I am not sure - but was anxious that damp on outside garage wall was not spreading (for..

    • @Ti... Do not really know, never checked the running cost but only use it occasional.

    • You need to compare the cost of running a dehumidifier against the cost of the items you throw away ..

    • @Ve... Thanks for the article. Will turn mine on more.

    • My plug in dehumidifier is ProBreeze 500ml - quite small - quite quiet. I didn't pay full price for ..

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