• Marian @Mags2 West Wickham - updated 1y

    Covid booster

    Has anyone else found finding a venue for this autumn Covid booster more difficult? Previous doses have been available at centres where disabled parking and wheelchair access was easy. This time on looking online for such requirements I am presented with mainly a list of small chemists on busy roads ( and none very local) where I feel nervous about finding an empty parking space with the possibility of having to wheel my husband across a main road.
    In desperation I searched again for a place WITHOUT any requirements and found a centre I once attended for myself. You have to park in a multi-storey car park with a lift and come out near a Health Centre that has a ramp so have booked hoping the lifts are not broken. I just don’t understand why I was not offered this on my search with disability requirements!
    As for the 119 phone line!!! Two attempts battling multiple choices and endless information recordings and then both times I was cut off whilst speaking with the assistant at the call centre! Life is stressful enough without this sort of experience.

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