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  • 18 Cooking tips and hacks

    It doesn't matter if you are an avid cook or just starting your adventure with cooking, good advice is useful to everyone. Sometimes obvious, sometimes quite unexpected, but always useful and worth remembering.

    1. Don't put too much on the pan

    The basis of well-done meat is that the heat is evenly distributed. Therefore, it is very important that you do not put too many pieces of meat in the pan. If there is too much meat, there is a risk that not everything will be fried at the same time and that you will serve your guests with pieces that are not fried and pieces that are overcooked. Neither one nor the other will make you a second Nigella.

    2. Red meat needs a rest

    What does this mean in practice? The steak, even a deep-fried one, cannot be dry. To keep the center juicy, leave it alone for a few minutes before you slice it. Everyone will love your steak with this simple trick.

    3. Aromatic spices are well-stored spices

    If you want your spices to retain their flavor and aroma for a long time, it is best to store them in a dry, dark and relatively cool place. A kitchen cupboard or drawer is best, except for those near an oven or stove.

    4. Do you know what to do to make it easier to cut herbs?

    The answer is so trivial that ... you never thought of it. The trick is to sprinkle salt on the board before slicing. It is this that will make the herbs stay where they should, for as long as they should.

    5. Do not pour out the cooking water

    If you want to make an insanely delicious pasta sauce, leave a cup of cooking water. Add it to the sauce to serve the pasta with. The starch contained in the water will naturally thicken the sauce, and the taste of pasta cooking will increase the taste of the dish.

    6. Make thoughtful stocks

    Do you know this feeling: you open the fridge, look at the shelves and see nothing interesting? Do you decide to order something to go again, because you have nothing to cook dinner with? With our help, this will never happen again. Here is a short list of the basic ingredients that you can always use to create creative dishes:
    1. Freezer: minced meat, chicken fillet, frozen vegetables, fruit and ice cream.
    2. Dry products: soda, flour, rice, groats, sugar, pasta (various types), bread crumbs, coffee, tea.
    3. In the fridge: eggs, cream, milk, kefir, plain yogurt, cottage cheese, butter, olive oil, a few vegetables, fruit (apples, lemons).
    4. In your home pantry it is worth having: tortilla, jam, canned corn, canned peas, canned tomatoes, canned beans, pickled cucumbers, pickled cucumbers, mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, canned tuna, tomato paste, potatoes , peppers, and lettuce.

    7. Don't throw it away, use it.

    And how to do it? Start by properly storing vegetables and herbs. A paper towel will be a helpful and irreplaceable element here. Believe me, you will love this method, because it will keep your vegetables and herbs fresh for two or three times longer. How to do it. Herbs (dill, parsley, chives, basil and others) wash and wrap in a towel, then wet the towel. Store everything in a container that you keep in the refrigerator or directly in the refrigerator. It is a bit different with vegetables. They will stay fresh longer if you don't wash them and wrap them in a dry paper towel. Try it and you will see for yourself that this method is life changing.

    8. A revolutionary way to make rice

    Put the cooked rice into a hot frying pan, in which you will melt a tablespoon of butter. Fry the rice until it becomes even more powdery. You can also make something like a rice crust - kids love it! Adults ... also. If you like, add turmeric or sweet or smoked paprika while frying.

    9. Water doesn't like salt

    Well, maybe not really, but it certainly doesn't like it at the beginning of cooking. It is true that there will be many people that will disprove this theory, but ... water for porridge, rice or pasta will boil faster if it is not salted.

    10. It doesn't taste good - salt it

    Usually, we don't like food because it's too bland. The solution is a little salt. It makes food taste good, but beware, too much is not healthy. Oversalted is worse than bland.

    11. Great caramelized onion

    Do you use stewed onions in your kitchen? You get the feeling that something is missing. The solution to all your onion problems is sugar. Put the chopped onion into a hot pan with olive oil and add the same amount of sugar as salt. How much? Here you have to trust your culinary instincts. One thing is for sure, the caramelized onion will enhance the taste of any meat dish.

    12. A piece of butter makes the sauce the best of the best

    This is the key to success that every chef knows. Therefore, the next time, at the very end of preparing the sauce, add a few pieces of cold butter to it. In this way, the sauce will not only gain taste, but also look - it will be smooth and shiny.

    13. Dry the meat before frying

    Or baking ... before each heat treatment. Wet, non-drained meat will stick to the pan or other pan. If you dry it beforehand with a paper towel, it will have a delicious ruddy skin after preparation.

    14. Roasted nuts? But why?!

    Have you ever wondered why in all recipes using nuts, they have them roasted? Do you think it's an extra job, a waste of time? This is wrong. Roasted nuts gain flavor. You can do this in a dry, preheated pan or in the oven for about 10-15 minutes.

    15. Family dinner - a family nightmare?

    No, no and no. It doesn't have to be that way. If you're planning a party, plan simple dishes that take only a little while, not an eternity to prepare. And it's best to focus on one dish and to make it the hero of the table. Baked chicken with extras such as mashed potatoes with butter and cream accompanied by lettuce and baked cherry tomatoes is always a hit! Good luck :)

    16. Dry meat is a thing of the past

    We will tell you the biggest secret of meat preparation. Well, before you prepare pork chops, chicken or roast ham, put the meat in the brine. Thanks to this, it will keep the flavor, juicy centre and tenderness on the outside.

    17. Sometimes it is enough to be patient

    The key to a perfect roast is not to turn it nervously every several or even a few minutes, but patience. Stew or bake the meat calmly, don't come around and check it constantly. Continuously looking into the tray only releases the heat needed for the meat to cook well.

    18. How often do you sharpen your knives?

    Exactly! Probably rarely, maybe you don't even remember the last time you did. There is nothing worse than blunt knives. So remember once and for all, before you start cutting, use the sharpener first.

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