• JaneW @JaneW Marylebone - 4y

    Clothes swap on Sat 15 Feb at ⁦ThinkDoCamden.

    Hi all

    Camden Friends of the Earth are holding another clothes swap on Sat 15 Feb at ⁦ThinkDoCamden.
    I'm not personally involved in organising this event so i can't answer any questions/queries.
    I'm simply posting the event information so people will know about it

    After two very successful events, we are welcoming you to our third clothing swap.
    Every year in the UK we throw away 300,000 tonnes of clothing and on top of that there is a massive 183 million items of outgrown baby clothing tucked away in UK homes.
    Are you fed up with fast fashion?
    Are you annoyed of buying clothes that break after a few times you have used them? Would you like to have new clothes but do not want to buy into fast fashion?

    Join us for an afternoon of clothes swapping, talks and opportunities to find out how you can make the most of your clothes, without damaging the planet.
    Bring between 3 and 5 items, everybody is welcome



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