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  • DIANA W @DianaW Dalston updated 1 month ago

    Cleaner heating

    I hadn't heard of the proposed Clean Heat grant scheme (opening next spring) until it was mentioned on the radio this morning, nor had I really been aware of the Renewable Heat Initiative which it's apparently replacing.
    As I have natural gas heating and a rather good (if ageing) boiler, no-one had ever tried to sell me a ground or air source heat pump. But it makes sense to focus now on how to replace that boiler with something that uses renewable fuel and how best to finance that, when that becomes necessary.
    The most useful articles that I found were a bit dated but a good introduction to the idea of what may become essential for us all to consider soon:
    • Thanks Diana. Useful information.

    • We moved into a house with a brand new and efficient gas boiler but good to be prepared.

    • @Di... I hope it`s still going when my current boiler goes! If it`s anything like Green Homes Grant..

    • Well, that's only next spring - not very long at all! So let's hope that this (or some other funding..

    • It was good to see yesterday's issue of The Observer taking prompt interest in air source heat pumps..

    • @Di... I saw the groundworks need for ground-source heat pumps on a self-build programme!!Wow!! I c..

    • @Kr... Ground source heat pumps involve a lot of drilling, to lay underground pipes for the..

    • @Di... Let me know how that goes Diana. And if you have that Which link do post it!! You`re full of..

    • @Kr... Will do. This irresponsible government may have put back the end date when we can no..

    • @Di... Thanks-I hadn`t read them-naughty me. I have now.

      It`s a little worrying that although mos..

    • @Kr... That's another reason for not getting rid of my 'A' rated boiler any sooner than I h..

    • @Di... Not available yet but I read yesterday that grants of up to £4,000 will be available by next..

    • As I read it, one doesn't need new radiators (if installing an air-to-water heat pump) but the exist..

    • @Di... OK I guess I took `adaption` to meaning a lot of it would get replaced.

    • @Di... The only reason you’d need to consider changing your radiators would be if they are “panel r..

    • @Di... I should have slso stated that very little alterations to existing pipe work would need to b..

    • @Da... & @Di... It`s quite possible I have some panel rads. Mine have been replaced piecemeal,as eac..

    • @Kr... I daresay you’ve had rads that have sprung leaks over the years when you say some ha..

    • @Da... No idea!! Pipes were changed about 20 years ago. I think they are all plastic now. Beyond that..

    • @Da... What's the difference in appearance between the two types of radiator? In lay terms, not techn..

    • @Di... I Googled them and looked at`images`.I didn`t know the difference either, that makes it obvi..

    • @Di... If you’ve not taken @Kr... lead yet and Googled them, convector radiators have “fin..

    • @Da... Thanks! I hoped it was that simple. Mine are therefore all the convector type.

    • The amazingly well-qualified heating engineer came yesterday and walked me through what is (and isn'..

    • Thanks for sharing all that info Diana.

    • Since, despite having a combination boiler, I already have a big hotwater cylinder (with an immersio..

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