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    Chimney Breast removal

    I am considering having a small chimney breast removed in my small room. I cannot believe what one has to do for this. I know a steel would be needed (although there is no chimney breast above in this hobbit house, who decides the strength of that. I had a private surveyor here yesterday who spent ages telling me that support for shared chimney stack would have to go under floorboards upstairs until I said why can't there just been a steel where the breast would be taken out. Spent an hour on phone for Council Building Control then gave up and I'm totally confused by Party Wall Agreement which can cost in the £1000+ region. Would anyone know if it is correct that a surveyor photos neighbour's wall prior to work being carried out - but if cracks appear a few years later, who pays to put them right, does the original builder have to come back, do you have to pay to have job redone or how long does the P/wall agreement apply?

    I'm semi-prepared for the cost of all this, not sure yet if I can stand the big upheaval but will turn violent if anybody else says to me what are you gaining.

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