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  • Changing broadband supplier

    DIANA W @DianaW De Beauvoir Town updated 12 months ago

    After several years with Plusnet, I really wanted to get away from their appallingly bad administration, so opted for the best value basic broadband/line rental deal that I found using MSE's broadband comparison tool - but NOT the John Lewis one, which is being run by Plusnet.

    Has anyone here used Shell Energy Broadband and, if so, is the broadband supply itself good enough for basic purposes? I picked them partly because their contractual documents and website were very clear and easily navigable, unlike the Plusnet ones which had been maddening me for so long. But there were some adverse reviews online, which were rather worrying....

    • I was with Plusnet but changed to Talk Talk because they offered a cheaper deal [despite the bad rev..

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Boots. I haven't yet tried fibre or faster broadband, since I ha..

    • Hi Boots and Diana, I recently changed from a seemingly corrupt Sky to a much cheaper Topnet, which ..

    • That's an enigma Belaxyz - my phone line was down for 3 weeks and no internet, had to use my mobile ..

    • Just depends what has gone wrong. Your connection back to the 'exchange' may be fine but the things ..

    • @Be... If you mean Plusnet (not "Topnet"), you'll already have had contact with their administrati..

    • Diana, yes I meant Plusnet. Many thanks for your note. I learned a lot and will look out for their m..

    • All well that ends well then Belaxyz - you made a profit

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