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  • Change to Tesco cheese packaging will save 260 tonnes of plastic annually

    TerryS @TerryS Purbrook updated 21 days ago

    There is a contradiction in the narrative, but it appears part of the saving in plastic material will be achieved by making the current slabs thicker. Removing the re-sealable zip to reduce plastic use sounds good, but if the pack cannot be resealed it may lead to more waste due to the cheese drying out and becoming hard. If that means more packs of cheese will be sold due to the wastage, more plastic packaging will be used, so no saving, only boosted sales.

    What struck me was the anticipated saving of 260 tonnes of plastic packaging per annum. If that is the saving, how much is used now? And that is only hard cheese. What about all the other lines and all the other food retailers?

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    • The zip lock bags are good provided they are cut in the right place.

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