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    Cashless society

    I just caught the end of Your and Yours on car radio this morning when the subject was obviously cash or cashless. I appreciate I am vintage but two things stood out. A retired gentleman in Bournemouth who said he was quite happy using his smart phone for parking, didn't worry him that without one some couldn't park there, only annoyance was it cost £1.10 instead of £1 but that was fine, he found it very simple. Then mentioned going to the beach with his grandson and buying him an ice-cream - before him in the queue I gather were two youngsters clutching the cash who were refused an ice cream as the place didn't take cash. Being the magnanimous kind-hearted pensioner that he was, he bought them for the kids - as mother didn't have much English so he could understand her problem. He absolutely saw nothing wrong with the whole system that cash is becoming unacceptable - just as well they couldn't hear me shouting at the radio telling him what a snobbish patronising person he was.
    Also a lady doing voluntary work for a small animal charity saying that when she goes to collect the boxes, they now have very little in them as nobody carries cash anymore. Then she went on to say that they make a profit by holding events where there are tea and cake stalls, etc. which were largely going unsold as nobody carried cash. Was even asked if they took cards by some.
    A Travel man did say be sure to take some cash when abroad as they are still living normal lives where cash is acceptable (my words).

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