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    Carer back-up & Security

    Not directly about caring but associated with it and some may find it helpful.
    I have just taken up 24 Hour monitoring cover with two pendants with fall detection as I find it difficult to provide 24/7 watch on my wife.
    Clearly one needs 24 hour access for emergency services which in turn means a key safe outside. Having spent a large part of my working life buying Hardware I have always been wary of key safes fearing that they can advertise that there are vulnerable people in the property, however needs must etc. Further I was concerned that fitting the safe, a job that only 5 years ago would have taken 30 minutes, might be beyond my present capability. My fears proved to be groundless, I bought a Police approved box with cover, cost a bit more but definitely worth it, and with the modern fixing screws, supplied, fixing was simple although took a bit longer, just over the hour with careful planning and rests.
    Hope someone will find this helpful, any questions please ask or if you prefer PM me.

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