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  • DIANA W @DianaW Dalston updated 1 month ago

    Can one recycle a washing-machine door seal?

    I can't think of any practical way to reuse this bulky rubber item, so I need to dispose of it as sustainably as possible.
    Can they be recycled, does anyone know?
    • Although only tyres seem to be widely recycled, a way to reuse old rubber has been devised, cf https..

    • This is really interesting, but as far as I can see, doesn't talk about collecting rubber. I think t..

    • And could it be used as a mini herb garden? Sunk in the ground a bit, it might constrain mint - or n..

    • Take a look at this - no time to read it but it might help. https://www.wikihow.com/Recycle-Rubber

    • @Li... No, I don't think that Martins Rubber does that. They did refer me on to a company which does..

    • @Le... That's a really good article; thanks! I'm almost tempted to try turning this huge gasket in..

    • I wondered about asking our friendly repair garage opposite us whether their old tyre recycler also ..

    • @Li... A familiar problem - which I'll have to try to avoid with this new door seal!

      This offers so..

    • @Di... thank you! I will read and see if it works

    • Rubber is a natural subtance-it should eventually rot at least.

    • Allcocks aren't unhelpful, but I suspect that their offer could only be managed at or above local au..

    • @Li... As regards using your tyre recycler, that's probably not worth doing.

      I found something yest..

    • I wonder how long, as I occasionally come across rubber fragments in our garden (been a dwelling her..

    • Many years, I suspect. Rubber bands come out of the compost heap looking none the worse for the expe..

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