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  • Can one install Whatsapp on an older PC without using a smartphone?

    DIANA W @DianaW De Beauvoir Town updated 10 months ago

    People are starting to discuss setting up Whatsapp groups to maintain contact with those who have to self-isolate, but I've never tried it.

    Whatsapp's own installation instructions don't cater for someone who has a PC that still runs Windows 7 (so has to use a browser-based version of Whatsapp) and has no smartphone with which to scan the QR code. Is there a way around this, please?

    • @Di... WhatsApp is primarily a mobile phone app as it is linked to a mobile phone number. It can be..

    • Thanks, Ray.Between that warning and the ones about the dangers of Whatsapp, which I'd just found in..

    • Yes there is messenger or skype that is readily available that lots use, and Skype can form groups a..

    • @Ra... I use both my laptop and iPhone for WhatsApp with no problems and did so on my last smartpho..

    • @Ch... when I tried it a couple of months ago on my PC it asked for the telephone number, when ..

    • Mine was fine I had to scan the barcode on the screen to make both work after giving my number but I..

    • That previous article about WhatsApp was authored by a competitor messaging package (Telegram). Not ..

    • @Pe... Yes, I noticed that. But a general search about whether WhatsApp was safe to use threw up a ..

    • Unlike Peter I am not tech knowledgeable but have used Skype for years to talk to my relations in Fr..

    • @Be... yes WhatsApp is free, and as its internet based unlike emails that go to mail servers, you ..

    • @Ra... sorry but that’s wrong there is a video call facility on what’sapp which I do use occasional..

    • @Be... yes it’s very similar to skype but if you are using skype successfully stick with it.

    • @Ch... I stand corrected, never realized it was there.

    • @Ra... we learn something new every day 😃

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