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  • Camera facility on mobile 'phone stuck in 'Flash' mode

    I've recently had to swap SIM cards in my newish Doro 2404, which may be why its camera facility no longer works. The wretched thing is stuck in 'Flash' mode, so all it offers are flash options, with no way to get back to picture-taking mode at all.

    There's no full manual and Doro's website isn't helpful. The manufacturers' suggestion was to "recommend removing the battery and rub this thoroughly on all it sides to remove any static electricity that could be causing this.

    After reinserting the battery and turning the phone on, if the issue occurs then we would recommend a factory reset."

    I've tried removing and wiping down the battery but to no effect. Can't see how to do a factory reset, either.

    Can anyone help tackle this problem, please?

    • Reset settings

      1. Press Menu â Settings â Security.

      2. Select Reset settings to reset the phone


    • What @Ra... said above is perfectly valid, however before you go that somewhat drastic step, when y..

    • Hi could not find a Doro 4204 but did find a Doro 2404 ?

    • @Cl... Doro 2404, is what Diana mentioned in the OP. Why are you referring to 4204???

    • Download manual

    • @Lo... I looked at that but unfortunately there's nothing about the flash. However @Di... there ..

    • Thanks, Lonicera - but that's just the very limited one that came with the phone, unfortunately. Its..

    • I tried all the ways of reaching the camera function, Mike - but none of them could bypass the dratt..

    • @Di... I'm out of ideas then. It looks like @Ra... has come closest and you clearly know the cavea..

    • And even resetting the phone completely doesn't undo the dratted 'Flash' problem.

    • The only other thing I can suggest, is find a phone shop and ask them. You might be lucky and find o..

    • @Di... all I did was to Google doro 2404 reset it was the top download link from https://dwn.alza.c..

    • Thanks, Mike. I may have to try that, given that Doro's advice on resetting the phone was the same a..

    • @Di... Sometimes it is helpful to read the comments from customers and see if they are having the s..

    • That's the same old "Quick Start Guide" as Lonicera found and I have in hard copy, then. It's good t..

    • I found lots of customer reviews on Amazon but none of the critical ones had had anything like this ..

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    • when taking a photo are there any icons or displays in the viewfinder telling you what options (if a..

    • I cannot take a photo at all, Clive. If I try to use the phone's camera facility, the left-hand butt..

    • No other "Menu" options when you're in camera facility?No other "settings" in the main menu?

    • Can't get into the camera facility at all - it goes straight to 'Flash'! Hence the cry for help!

    • And no other clues in the main or settings menus? (I admit to clutching at straws here.....)

    • Do you have any other functions that use the torch or distress beacon ?

    • There's a torch function - but that seems to be working OK (now that I've understood how it operates..

    • After virtually exhausting all the options we can give you I think that you have two choices Diana, ..

    • It's only four months old, Ray, so Doro should repair it under guarantee. The manufacturers evidentl..

    • Don't suppose that it's covered by any type of insurance, house contents etc, can't the manufacturer..

    • eBay would have sent you an invoice or email showing the purchase or you could contact the vendor vi..

    • I've squeezed every bit of e-information that I can from eBay, but the seller isn't answering my req..

    • You clearly have a handle on it @Di... Sorry my suggestions haven't helped....Good Luck

    • I really welcome all the suggestions made here, Mike. No one person can ever see every angle on a pr..

    • Keep us posted Diana.

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    • I was not lent a charger along with the Samsung, Mike. The USB-connecting lead that came with the Al..

    • need to know what model phone you have (it will display when you turn it on !)

    • Galaxy Young GT-S631ON - I think. The display disappears too fast to copy-type!

    • Thats a valid model Diana see

      I have sent ..

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