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  • Community News: Black cat

    ayako f @AF618 Earlsfield updated 13 days ago

    Good afternoon lovely neighbours
    I’m wondering if this beautiful black cat belongs to someone and if you’ve been worried about his/her whereabouts...
    He/she comes into my garden everyday and stays here all day, sometimes comes into my house too.
    He/she is so adorable and I love having this little visitor but I thought someone might be looking for him/her.
    Please get in touch if you know to whom this adorable cat belongs

    • 24 days ago

      @AF... Oh I do hope the owner is reunited. However, if not, it seems that you would be a wonderful f..

    • 14 days ago

      and the Church Lane receptacle was full just after 10 a.m.

    • 13 days ago

      @Sy... OMG thought it meant there was a black cat in it but think you've replied to wrong post !!!..

    • 13 days ago

      Me too. I was just trying to work that one out. It would be good to know what, if anything, has happ..