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  • Joss @Joss Malden updated 4 months ago

    BBC's Future

    The BBC's has a grim struggle to cover up it's appalling management record, after the recently uncovered the Bashir scandal.
    Who was responsible for the decision to hound the innocent Cliff Richard for example?

    Did heads roll?
    What do you think is the Beeb's role in the future?
    • "Lessons will be learned."

    • I used to admire the BBC because of its impartiality, but that is no longer the case. The problem is..

    • @Te...

      Troubling that lessons are not learnt by an overpaid insulated elite, which is what the BBC..

    • @Jo... Your assessment is spot on.

    • @Al... Ermm. The BBC is well known for being biased toward the left. It has been for decades. Most t..

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      5 months ago
    • Because there is no Brexit shit storm. Apart from some obvious transitional teething problems everyt..

    • @ma... The BBC, and BBC news in particular changed their tune in the early 1980's. It was around ..

    • Commercialise it. Adverts to take the place of TV licences so we do not have to pay this ever increa..

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      5 months ago
    • @Mr... In addition to everything else that's so wrong with the BBC. They are such a caring, th..

    • I thought they stopped the free licence for over 75's unless on certain benefits.

    • @Bo... Yes I think your right they have stopped it. Unless they reversed the decision because of the..

    • In August 2020, the BBC introduced a new scheme that offers some over 75 households a free TV Licenc..

    • @ma... Mark, many prominent journalists like Andrew Neil and Simon McCoy, for example, resigned f..

    • You only have to look at their programming and documentaries to see which way they lean. And let's f..

    • @ma... The Sok it right, Mark. There just hasn't been a "shitstorm". Much to the bitter disappoin..

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      5 months ago
    • This thread has produced some heartfelt responses. The BBC is a national institution, and when it di..

    • On this morning's "Good Morning Britain"... a member of Michael Jackson's family and George Best's w..

    • Has the Bashir bubble burst?

      Can the Beeb bosses carry on as before, having "learnt their lesson" -..

    • This was a long time ago and changes to BBC governance have already been made.

    • @Te...

      Missed a lot of news in past fortnight...what has the BBC done since Bashir was exposed ple..

    • @Jo... I didn't say it had happened in the last fortnight. The Diana interview was in 1995.

      You can ..

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