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  • Miranda @Miranda2 Trent Park updated 5 months ago

    Bamboo Toothbrushes

    Just recently I've started to use bamboo toothbrushes, Ecoboom. My son quickly goes through toothbrushes. There's toothmarks on the brush and the bristles end up flat. He must be brushing his teeth too hard. Anyway it got me thinking about how many plastic toothbrushes I've gone through so far in my lifetime. Bamboo toothbrushes is 100% biodegradable. Bristles are made of biodegrading. Zero plastic and zero pollution. Will be buying more bamboo products in the future!
    • You suggest to him that he might be brushing too hard!! That can wear away the enamel!! That`ll leav..

    • I use bamboo ones these days too @Mi... People (including the dentist) don`t understand why I wo..

    • The dentist's concern is probably more about the quality of brushing, electric toothbrushes being mu..

    • @Mi... I wonder if there's an eco-friendly alternative to interdental brushes (as I do get throug..

    • @Ha... Can`t you use Floss,Hat? There are eco versions of that. Or do you still need the interdental b..

    • @Kr... Endless times I have told my son he might be brushing his teeth too hard. Sigh. A wo..

    • @Di... Thanks, didn't know that. I will look into that.

    • @Kr... I can't use floss as I have a dodgy shoulder so find it too difficult.

    • @Ha... Have you tried an Airfloss, which looks rather like an electric toothbrush but has a hollow spi..

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