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  • Tomek @Tomas Rotherhithe updated 11 months ago

    Back to square one

    Given I don't know many extraordinary expressions, I'll post more common ones - I have plenty of those.

    "Back to square one" - I've always wondered why square one?
    In Polish we say "Back to the point of entry" - pretty exact explanation.

    Any known origin for this one? Does it have anything to do with root square of two per chance? ;)

    If you know an equivalent from any other language please put it in the comment.
    • Also, sorry I changed the group name but Can of Words didn't say much, wanted to be more obvious for..

    • It originates from radio commentary of football matches. The commentator had a plan of a football pi..

    • @Mi... somehow it never crossed my mind it had anything to do with sport. It should have.

    • I thought it had to do with the game of Snakes & Ladders when you have to go back to the beginning d..

    • This website is suggesting both could be right.


    • @Mi... by the way I don't look at any of the websites on purpose as I find it more fun when poep..

    • German equivalent could be "nochmal von vorn" ( lit: "again from the start/beginning"), it's more li..

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