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  • Anyone watching White House Farm on itv?

    I know its not a film BUT I think its a great drama on itv at the moment. I didn't know much about the story at all until I googled and was mortified with what happened but the drama (I think) does a great job of portraying the aftermath of the tragedy. If you haven't seen it, I don't want to give too much away... basic plot: True story of a family who were brutally murdered back in the 60's.

    If anyone has seen it so far, what do they think of it?

    • Very close to home, my parents viewed a farm next door to The bambers Farm so yrs later, I believe t..

    • @Te... Oh wow! I can't believe I didn't know anything about the story until the itv drama and now I..

    • It’s a great drama, I knew part of the story but not all of it. I’m not going to google anything unt..

    • I am Sam, very good drama and exactly 'who dun it'

    • Yes watching it, very good. x

    • Who do you think did it Lynne and Sam?

    • I’m not sure @Sh... keep changing me mind. I think David tenant is playing a very good part.....g..

    • I agree, it just seemed a bit too obvious it was him from the start.

    • My wifes family owned a mobile home on the Osea Road Caravan Park Maldon until the early 90s and the..

    • @Al... shame it’s very well done the farm is still in the family I believe

    • I think it ended up being inherited by a distant cousin, but not sure. We had a drink in the club ba..

    • No only the farm house correct the mans sisters daughter got the load once Bamber was jailed

    • Alan was that the site next door to mill beach

    • @Te... yes, and we often used to eat in the Millbeach pub which was about a ten-minute walk away us..

    • Maldon is nice great to take the kids the larger lake in the 60 and 70 had a high diving board unfor..

    • @Te.... I dont remember a diving board but do remember the water was filthy, and we used to take ou..

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