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  • Anyone heard of PCC - Property Compensation Claim (I think)

    Selsey @Selsey Hayes updated 7 months ago

    My sister has received a letter out of the blue from the above, saying that electric cabling runs under her property and she has been offered compensation of £150. Bungalow (by the coast) is probably 80s built, she and her late husband have lived there for about 25 years. Sorry my knowledge of the letter contents is a bit sketchy as I can only remember bits she read out to me. All this has come totally out of the blue and she didn't know about the cabling running under the bungalow. I've just read that they take a percentage of what is offered. I'm wondering if she should take solicitor advice - if she can at the present time.

    • If the compensation offered is only £150, she may spend that on a solicitor.

    • She really doesn't want anything to do with it (she's 85) but worried as it came completely out of t..

    • UK Power gives some info, including a way to check if there is cabling present https://www.ukpowerne..

    • @Se... I doubt it would be running under her bungalow - 'property' includes the garden.

    • @Cl... Interesting point you made about electric pylons etc. Twenty six years ago because my son ..

    • What company sent the letter, who has signed it, what is their address?If you provide that informati..

    • Sounds like a scam to me (?)

    • @Di... - yes, just had another word with her and letter mentions the garden. From what I can make ..

    • What is PCC's address, and who signed the letter, what is their position in the company?Easy to esta..

    • What exactly is the payment for?

      It is very often the case that no formal rights exist allowing the ..

    • The payment is for legal rights of passage which may not have been established earlier.

    • @Di... - so if you didn't agree, they (electricity) wouldn't have legal rights of passage to your ..

    • I think you may have a choice and some people might want to exercise it, since if you relinquish you..

    • @Di... - thanks so much, I've bookmarked to look at properly later. Very grateful to you.

    • This looks like a genuine website for property compensation claims regarding electricity lines. http..

    • Sorry to repeat this.Everyone assumes the letter comes from a company in Macclesfield. The OP does n..

    • That won't inform you as to whether it's a company that is going to pocket a lot more than the £150 ..

    • @Se... is saying that the letter mentions "electricity cabling running under the property". The gen..

    • No, it doesn't. It says 'There must be high voltage apparatus and/or power lines ON OR CROSSING your..

    • For Joss - signed by P H on behalf of PCC, same address as on website.Also letter states we do not a..

    • £150!! If she wanted to sell and the buyers didn`t like that there were cables under the garden she`..

    • @Se... I see that PCC say they are accredited by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. I ca..

    • Is this link helpful? Sorry if it’s been mentioned before. This post has just reminded me that my Da..

    • Thanks, Lesley, that's where I saw the LinesearchbeforeUdig from - I have registered but might well ..

    • Signed by "PH" on behalf job title.The recycling bin is my vote.

    • @Se... I don’t imagine it’s complicated. Don’t forget to claim arrears.

    • @Di... Ok that is the more fuller version of what I said. My point was that it doesn't say anythin..

    • @Jo..., it gave a full name, which I didn't give and phone number for any queries. I imagine it's a s..

    • Michael, your version was 'The genuine PCC website says compensation is only for overhead lines.' Th..

    • Because that's what it says. What I said was right, what you said is right. But what it doesn't say ..

    • OK, I'll repeat: It says 'There must be high voltage apparatus and/or power lines ON OR CROSSING you..

    • Letter has gone to a friend's husband, a retired (corporate) lawyer, to look at. The more the merrie..

    • What part of "this can be lines only passing overheard" don't you understand means only overhead, no..

    • It is your failure to understand, MichaelB. The meaning you assume would come from 'only' being plac..

    • I understand perfectly that it doesn't mention underground cabling. Which is what Selseys letter doe..

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