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    Rebecca @Rebeccag Earlsfield updated 18 days ago

    Hello everyone,

    It is with real sadness that I'm posting because today marks a year that our cat Tilda has been missing.

    I appreciate that a lot of time has passed but on the anniversary of her going I wanted to see if I could jog someone's memory about anything, anything at all that could provide some answers as to what happened to her.

    So, Tilda was only one year old when she went and looked like a young cat.

    She was a microchipped and neutered black, brown and grey tabby. Her face looked a little Siamese and she had a distinctive set of markings on her left hand side which made an 'O' and 'T' shape.

    Tilda was a real homebody and she and her sister didn't really stray beyond our garden and the garden next door. We live mid-terrece and the only way out onto the street would be to go through someone's house. Although it's surprising as she was very shy with anyone apart from us, we now think this is what must have happened.

    Having never been out on the road before she would have disorientated and frightened.

    Does anyone remember seeing a cat in the Esparto, Kimber road, Twilley street/ King George's Park area that looked lost, perhaps hiding under cars?

    Did someone find a cat that had been hiding out in their shed or garden either deased or alive?

    Does anyone know of a cat being run over? September last year or since?

    I've spoken to the council several times but each time I got a different answer. One person said they definitely scan any desceased animal reported to them. The next time I rang I was told that they subcontract to a refuse company who wouldn't scan for a chip. The idea that she ended up in a bin is too upsetting.

    Has anyone been feeding a cat all this time but hasn't be able to get close enough to see if they have an owner?

    I appreciate a lot of time has passed but if anyone has anything useful that can add I would be very grateful

    My daughter doesn't cry about her anymore but she did ask me the other day 'do you think Tilda still loves us?' ' absolutely' I said.

    I want to draw this sad chapter to a close and hope that maybe just maybe she is still out there somewhere.

    Thank you for reading this


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      The tough part to this sadness is not knowing what happened a year ago. It would be truly wonderful ..

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      Thank you Michael. You're right, it is the not knowing that is the most painful part. I'm sorry to h..

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      Hi Rebecca, sorry to hear that it has been 1 year. I would be exactly the same as you. I hope you ge..

    • 18 days ago

      Thank you Allison. Xx