• Marian @Mags2 West Wickham - updated 1y

    Any advice please?

    My husband is 92, virtually deaf, with mobility issues and has prostate cancer that has gone into his bones.
    He had a fall at home when unattended and has shown a definite decline in speech, shakiness and urine output. We don’t think it was a stroke but he was very shaken with skin damage.
    Having read that if standing becomes an issue with prostate cancer( compression) you need to get medical help quickly I emailed the surgery about our concerns.
    The quick response team sent a nurse to log all the problems and she left, telling us we needed to get him to A @ E . It was the cattle market as usual there and after hauling him into a car we sat for 3 and a half hours getting nowhere in the system and hauled him back home again when he asked continuously to leave.
    what does one do??

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