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  • Animals and continents quiz

    Your challenge today is guess the continent or continents in which the following animals may be found in the wild (including where they have been introduced to the wild). Where there is more than one continent I’ve indicated how many in brackets. You get one point for each correct continent – number of guesses for each animal limited to the number of continents indicated. So, 43 points maximum available. For the avoidance of doubt, I am taking the continents to include North America (Canada down to Panama), South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia - but not including the Arctic or Antarctica. No use of reference material or the internet of course to ensure fair play. Good luck.

    REMEMBER - NO POSTS instead you PM me with your guesses any time up to midnight tonight. If possible, please wait until you've completed all the guesses you want to make to avoid too many PMs and to make my job easier. So no hurry and it doesn't matter when you submit the answers because I'll be judging them solely on who has the most correct - and in the event of two or more being level it will be a tie. I hope this is clear and good luck. Tomorrow I’ll post the names of the top entries.

    1. Tiger (1) Asia

    2. Cheetah (2) Africa Asia
    3. Mandrill (1) Africa
    4. Opossum/possum (4) North America South America Asia Australasia
    5. Fruit bat (3) Africa Asia Australasia
    6. Wart hog (1) Africa
    7. Coyote (1) North America
    8. Reindeer/caribou (3) North America Asia Europe
    9. Rhinoceros (2) Asia Africa
    10. Python (4) North America Asia Australasia Africa
    11. Gazelle (2) Asia Africa
    12. Beaver (4) Europe North America Asia South America
    13. Yak (1) Asia
    14. Tapir (2) Asia South America
    15. Ring-tailed Lemur (1) Africa
    16. Komodo Dragon (1) Asia
    17. Rhea (1) South America
    18. Chameleon (3) North America Asia Africa
    19. Grey Wolf (3) Europe North America Asia
    20. Dromedary/one-humped camel (3) Asia Africa Australasia

    Apparently pythons were introduced to the Florida Everglades and one was reported to have swallowed an alligator.

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Guess the sketch and other things

A group specifically designed to offer enjoyable quizzes on different subjects including identifying SuperFunGuy sketches and other drawings, pictures or photos of, for example, famous people when they were young, unusual things, animals, objects close up or distorted or from unusual angles etc so that everyone can have some fun guessing who or what is being featured.