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  • Analogies quiz

    Your challenge today is to find the missing word(s) to complete the analogies listed below. Some easy but others may be a bit more difficult. No use of reference material or the internet of course to ensure fair play. Good luck.

    REMEMBER - NO POSTS instead you PM me with your guesses any time up to midnight tonight. If possible, please wait until you've completed all the guesses you want to make to avoid too many PMs and to make my job easier. So no hurry and it doesn't matter when you submit the answers because I'll be judging them solely on who has the most correct - and in the event of two or more being level it will be a tie. I hope this is clear and good luck. Tomorrow I’ll post the names of the top entries.

    1.4 is to Ring AS 3 is to middle

    2.Front is to Back
    Bow is to stern

    3.7 is to Ampersand
    1 is to exclamation mark

    4.Regicide is to King
    Herbicide is to plant(s)

    5.BC is to AD
    AM is to PM

    6.Agua is to Eau
    Sí is to Oui

    7.Alexa is to Amazon
    Siri is to Apple

    8.Gerontologist is to Old
    Paediatrician is to Young

    9.Vino is to Veritas
    Wine is to truth

    10,Joaquin Phoenix is to
    Johnny Cash
    Jamie Foxx is to
    Ray Charles

    11.Nevis is to Kitts
    Grenadines are to Vincent

    12.£ is to Pound
    ¥ is to Yen (or Yuan)

    13.O is to Monoxide
    O2 is to dioxide

    14.Manicure is to Fingers
    Pedicure is to Toes

    15.Net is to Profit
    Gross is to Revenue

    16.9 is to Billion
    100 is to Googol

    17.Poirot is to Christie
    Holmes is to Conan Doyle

    18.Alex is to Keanu
    Bill is to Ted

    19.Manga is to Comic Books
    Anime is to Cartoons

    20.Err is to Human
    Forgive is to Divine

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Guess the sketch and other things

A group specifically designed to offer enjoyable quizzes on different subjects including identifying SuperFunGuy sketches and other drawings, pictures or photos of, for example, famous people when they were young, unusual things, animals, objects close up or distorted or from unusual angles etc so that everyone can have some fun guessing who or what is being featured.