• Robin Bird @adler Cowley - updated 6mo

    An Unpleasant Task Made Easier.

    I post this as it might make an odious task a bit less unpleasant.
    When there are medical issues to be coped with it is sometimes necessary to collect poo sample for analysis. The NHS supply a leaflet saying how this may be done without the sample touching the water, none of the methods are particularly convenient.
    Having recently been faced with this problem I have found the following solution, get a shallow plastic food packaging tray (the sort they pack meat in) about26 x 17 cms which you will find will fit under the rim of the toilet basin, line it with toilet paper and clip it into place. Having made the deposit, take the sample and then just empty the tray down the pan.
    Very clean and with the minimum of unpleasantness.
    Hope this might help someone stuck with this problem

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