• lizb59 @lizb59 Shirley - 2y

    Amazon scam

    I phoned up what I thought was Amazon and nearly got scammed. Luckily I didn't lose any money. I couldn't find phone no for Amazon so checked on google as I needed to phone them to get a bar code for a refund. They asked me for my credit card registerd with amazon to verify me which seemed fine at that time. They said I would receive a msg which didn't arrive. So they asked for another card at which point the alarm bells started to ring. When I said that this wasn't required last time they said that the website was down for maintenance so this was only way to do it at which point I hung up. I received a msg shortly after saying a large amount of money had been requested and refused by Barclaycard and then I received a phone call from them to cancel the card. The phone no I rang was 0800 072 8661. Amazon and Barclaycard both said to use phone no on website but this isn't easy to locate.


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