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    Vera @Vera2 Petts Wood updated 25 days ago

    I have been sent this and can not varify if true or force but better to be safe than sorry.
    Amazon sprays ALL boxes with Toxic Pesticides to kill warehouse rodents!

    If your pets play in Amazon Boxes they will be exposed and may experience chemical burns to the tongue. Other symptoms include: fever, lethargic movement, shallow breathing, and sticky salivation. Emergency medical intervention will be necessary, in all cases, to prevent certain death.

    Keep Amazon Boxes far away from your beloved pets and WASH your hands anytime you handle any Amazon boxes and/or product wrappings.

    • Jeff Bezos could pay for every item to be hand delivered with no packaging and still be a gazziliona..

    • @Ve... - I put this up last week, more for cats who have ended up with mouth ulcers, etc., as they a..

    • Have tried to copy but not working.

      Apparently a lot of cats are having severe problems with ulcerat..

    • China and Amazon, ruling the world. 😡

    • Sorry Selsey @Se... I must have missed your post. Better twice than not at all. I received this fro..

    • @Ve... I put it on MSL - no problem, the more the merrier!!

    • @Ve... Where does this story come from? I'd guess that it's a false accusation, another urban myth. ..

    • Hatty @Ha... as I said above "I received this from a dog owner who said it had given his dog swollen m..

    • I'm sensitive to chlorine bleach, so wary of them anyway. Why would they let a dog chew cardboard?

    • Hatty @Ha... lots of sites showing how to make pet houses / toys out of cardboard boxes. I agree with ..

    • @Ve... - my goodness, best not to read some things, though as I read it was relating more to people ..

    • @Se... yes, it's best to view everything with suspicion now. The kids always made houses from large..

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