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  • am so OVER Christmas!

    Dawn s @Dawns Langley updated 28 days ago

    Woke up this morning, sat having a cuppa and suddenly could not leave the decorations up any longer, so I took them all down and had a cleaning spree. Usually I get sad taking down the tree but this year I just had enough. Plus I love how tidy everything looks!
    Is it just me feeling this way or do more of you guys just want Christmas season done?

    • And me took them down this morning. It was like they were mocking us.

    • @Da... We're leaving them up till the official June date.

    • We never had any real decorations up, just a 4" tree and a card hanger. But Christmas won't be over ..

    • Totally with your tidy up.Personally want to see the back of 2020, "Xmas Past" and "calendar celebra..

    • @Ra... A 4 inch tree! How mean.

    • Haven't taken any cards down as I never got round to putting them up in the first place - I'm a true..

    • @Jo... - he's in Norfolk, do differently over there.

    • @Jo... Wife made it in craft class, a cardboard cone with green wool wrapped around, usually a side..

    • @Se... same here, no decs. either and cards already in the recycling.

    • I never forgot going round to mum and dads Boxing Day and mum had taken all the cards down. I had ta..

    • I'm glad Christmas is done. We have two artificial trees. Husband likes outdoor lights he puts them ..

    • I only had cards on display this year. Didn't even buy christmas crackers. Agree with @Ra... it's o..

    • @Mi... I know it was your first Christmas without your Dad , and living alone with Covid on your..

    • @Ch... Did have a lovely Christmas dinner that was just the right amount for me, my sister and ..

    • @Mi... that’s good, it’s appreciated that you needed that support bubble this year after all tha..

    • I had a little tree in the porch - but only because I'm near the primary school. Overall, I'm thinki..

    • @Jo... what is the June date?

    • I only ever put up a tree and cards. Cards I keep till the following year so I can update Christmas ..

    • @li... The 25th!

    • @Jo... what's the reasoning in having it again then?

    • @Mr... 'The movement started in Italy, Europe, where traditional Christmas is celebrated in wi..

    • A summer celebration is a much better idea. Hopefully, we'll have something to celebrate, by then.

    • @li... @Mr... There is also a July Xmas, google for details.

    • @Jo... but what was the point in having an alternative?

    • @Mr... Two Christmases! When I worked in the City, I went to a xmas party in June, and we had ..

    • It's cheaper to have your office Christmas party in the summer!

    • I can understand having a christmas party whenever is suitable.But officially we are celebrating onc..

    • @Jo... Link for more info ---

    • The best Christmas & New Year i ever had was in the Gambia - on the beach with out own waiter to get..

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