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  • Air pollution court case.

    Lesley A @Lesley4 Langton Green updated 26 days ago

    This was such a sad case. I've been following it for years. The mother has battled away, facing numerous setbacks, to get pollution acknowledged as implicated in her daughter's death. She's finally succeeded, testimony to a mother's love. Well done to her. This should help strengthen the fight against toxic air - a win for us all.

    • Well done to her!!!

    • There must be many other similar cases, but this is the first death where air pollution has been off..

    • I admire her mother enormously. She has really fought hard. We are so wedded to our cars in this cou..

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    • @ma... I remember 2 friends of my daughter, who was then aged about 11, turning up at our door in a ..

    • @Kr... He was diagnosed with emphysema at 56, when he had a full medical examination - prob..

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