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  • A game about "inspirational Women" has been banned because.........

    it does not respect all genders.
    Yes the trans activist and non-binary nutters have got their way again. The birthing body, chest feeding cervix owners have been cancelled.
    • Does Oxfam seriously think this will gain more support?

    • Your language, @Mi..., is again incendiary and unhelpful, but I am inclined to agree with your p..

    • Always thought that "the tail iwagging the dog" is a vivid picture...

    • When will this lunacy end??

    • @Al... perhaps when we are not even allowed to have men and women’s sections in the clothes section..

    • One of the joys of life is the "eccenticity" that upsets the majority.

      However bizarre people thin..

    • @Jo... so you think in the future the whole world will see that we should not be using pronouns or id..

    • @Da...

      Agree totally...there are many more things in the world that need urgent practical solutions..

    • I think its difficult for organisations to do the right thing for everyone. It seems that it isn't p..

    • @li... - it is difficult, yes. It's difficult for all of us who have grown up with the ordered clea..

    • @Pe... Michael’s language draws attention to a subject that members may well of sidestepped. Rightl..

    • @Da... - yes, I think I covered all that in my original comment.

    • @Da... Might be put in a different way but Michael is allowed to air his views, I believe.

    • @Pe... I think GBNews is just as respected now as LBC and the others.

    • @Mi... Really, Michael? From The I (Independent):

      GB News has lost 60 per cent of its audience ..

    • Staying with the subject of women being cancelled; on GBnews each night the panel nominate the day's..

    • Used to be an NCT member back in the 1980s, and did a lot of helping out on “good

      as new” sales, cof..

    • Thank you, @Di... , that saved me a bit of work!

      (I tried to discover the comparable LBC listener..

    • https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/10/15/will-get-hate-mail-now-lord-robert-winston-backs-profess..

    • When a man removes hair from his face, straps a bust on, wears lipstick and puts on a dress he still..

    • As the introduction to "Soap" used to say, "Confused? You will be!"

    • I have a family member who is starting the trans process so I do know some of the issues. There are ..

    • That is interesting, @Da..., yes. I always had this nagging feeling that it wasn't possible to fully..

    • @Ja... your comment just shows intolerance

    • @li... there are no other genders than male and female. Even a trans person is one of those genders..

    • @Mi... you obviously don't know any trans people if thats your opinion.

    • @li... are you saying that the majority don't just want a life of peace and not draw attention to t..

    • @Se... I think it depends on the person's make up. If they have been to university, for example, an..

    • @Ja... but why the need to draw attention to oneself? If you are happy and have support from those ..

    • @Se... it was the first sentence that @Mi... wrote that I was referring to.

    • @li... should have been more specific then

    • @li... I do know at least one. He was working at the same offices as me when he was going through t..

    • @Se... I think they're not happy because life becomes a bit of a battle from gaining access to wome..

    • @Ja... changing rooms and toilets must be a problem for all concerned - which made wonder which non..

    • Wouldn't really know what all these different genders do re toileting. Do know of a gay store manage..

    • @Ja... that was the big dilemma with the trans person at my work. At what stage does he stop using ..

    • This is a really interesting read, if people genuinely want to think about some of these issues. It'..

    • @Mi... when my friend had been living as a man for about three years he was still avoiding using..

    • I think transgender people prefer the preference loos that are unisex which I can see makes it easie..

    • @li... Easier for them. The minority.

    • @Ja... personally can't see anything wrong with unisex loos. Easier for organisations and cheaper a..

    • Everyone has their own opinion but I wouldn't feel comfortable with that.

    • I'd prefer not to see a man at a urinal! Each to their own.😁

    • @Sa...08 A woman using a urinal would freak me out.

    • @Ja... how could a woman use a urinal?

    • @Da... - She-we?

    • I'm saying I wouldn't want to see a man at a urinal if the toilets are unisex.

    • This bit of the discussion is getting out of hand. Unisex toilets are simply individual cubicles, an..

    • @Pe... that's ok depending on the situation. For instance, in a pub or club or somewhere at night t..

    • @Pe... is right. I don't why you lot would think that you would find a urinal in a unisex loo. You ..

    • @Da... - that's fair enough, although what I'm considering as best practice is that each cubicle is ..

    • @Da... I agree, it’s not about what’s in the room it’s about who you might walk into coming in or ou..

    • @Pe... yes that would be the ideal solution

    • @Pe... You only need the toilet to be within the closed cubicle. Washbasins and dryers can be in th..

    • @Mi... - which means you have utterly missed the point. That is EXACTLY the sort of arrangement ..

    • @Pe... unfortunately that may not be economically viable for many facilities. I have seen some thou..

    • The arrangement I have seen in universities where they are probably more attuned to these things are..

    • @Le... - I have a vague recollection of encountering 'only' self-contained unisex cubicles when vi..

    • @Pe... I have seen some but the various signs suggested now can be confusing

    • This would confuse me.

    • @Ja... defininately!

    • @Da... - haven't seen that, but I don't see what's wrong with a simple 'WC'. I mean, images of human..

    • @Pe... there doesn’t seem to be a recognised or definitive sign and there seem to be a few options ..

    • My little granddaughter (aged 2) stared at an elderly woman on the bus the other day and then asked ..

    • @Le... I apologise for laughing but unfortunately it’s the world we live in.

    • @Ch... It made us laugh but not sure what my granddaughter was actually puzzling over - don't t..

    • My 3 yr twin granddaughter was in a queue with her mum recently and said "there's Nanan". Asked daug..

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