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  • Ray P @RayPro Norwich updated 10 months ago

    A complimentary side dish for my steaks

    I am not usually in my wifes kitchen but circumstances are changing rapidly and I'm taking more of it on now.
    Bored with the usual accompaniments to my steak, so I made this up which I quite like.
    Lightly fry chopped onion/shallots with chopped asparagus.
    Add some tomatoes and mushrooms halved/choppe or sliced.
    Add seasoning and (garllic if wanted)
    Then add a dash of your sauce of choice i.e. Worcestershire, Barbecue or Oyster.
    Stir and place on low heat and stir in adding oil or a knob of butter , then cover until it it is cooked stiring occasionally.

    The beauty of this is you can add or remove ingredients to taste or availability.
    Quantities are not given as it depends on how many its for.

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