Dubai Media City

Neighbourhood loop for Dubai Media City, Dubai

Open Loop 10

    • oneclickdriveuae @oneclickuae Um Sequim 3 - updated 3mo
      Anyone living in the UAE with no personal vehicle can face trouble traveling from one place to the other. Usually, the fares of cabs have become beyond affordability while buses are just found at specific metro stations. You should not feel worried about it anymore. OneClickDrive is offering services from drivers and rental car help at reasonable charges. We have parking for valet, the driving experts for events, driving experts on an hourly basis, driving experts on a monthly basis, and secure services by a driving expert. The services by driving experts would be bought at eight main and famous cities in the United Arab Emirates. Our vehicle services on rent are available. Such vehicles are from 45 brands.

    • SMART Infotech @smartinfotech Emirates Hills - 4mo

      Sanction Screening Process: The Impact and CBUAE Impositions

      Sanction screening is a process of AML. It defines all the steps and measures taken by the authorities of a country to restrict official relations with a country with a broken international law. Read through this blog to know more in detail.


    • SMART Infotech @smartinfotech Emirates Hills - 7mo

      AML Solutions For Financial Institutions | SMART Infotech

      Money laundering with money service businesses is increasing day by day. AML Solutions helps in keeping financial institutions safe and secure from financial fraud. AML-TRACE by SMART Infotech is an automated anti-money laundering software that helps MSBs to identify and minimize the risk of financial crime. To know more about the financial risk, read our blog.

    • SMART Infotech @smartinfotech Emirates Hills - 9mo

      What is the purpose of AML Name Screening?

      The risk of financial fraud with money service businesses is increasing day by day. To avoid money laundering, AML Name Screening is used for risk assessment of onboarding customers under AML guidelines. SMART Infotech introduced the best screening software named AML-TRACE to do screening of customers on sanctions, PEPs, and watchlists. To know more read our blog:

Open Loop 10