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Technology has made our lives more convenient. We’re ordering our food, our designated drivers, our groceries online. We use technology to line up a date and in the same breath we book a table to dine with them. Every day there’s something new to replace an old way of doing a crucial thing that was hard to do… and it’s on this premise we created Your Wills.

Your Wills is a Melbourne based and owned company providing a quick and efficient way of creating a Will, in your own time, at an affordable cost. Despite the mystique of Wills, if your Will is simple and straightforward it does not require prohibitive costs and half a day to visit a legal professional.

We want to remove the stigma and confusion that surrounds the topic of creating a Will by making the conversation approachable and the process relatable, easy-to-understand, fast and accessible. Your Wills is a simple, time efficient solution to providing a legally recognised Will online.

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Level 5, 111 Cecil Street, South Melbourne, Australia, 3205