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Located within the dynamic creative environment that is Wimbledon Art Studios,

Wimbledon Studio Frames has been providing a professional picture framing service since 2013. Thousands of frames have been made for all sectors: public, domestic, galleries, schools, businesses...

Whatever your framing needs, call, email, or book online for an appointment.

  • Wimbledon Studio Frames Upper Tooting - 4y

    Picture Framing

    Hi All,

    My name's Jon and I'm the owner of Wimbledon Studio Frames, which is a Picture Framing business based within Wimbledon Art Studios. I've been there since 2013, during which time we, (I have a part-timer called Nick), have created thousands of frames for artists, members of the public, schools, businesses, galleries,...floating casinos off Hong Kong!

    I've just put the business on Scooploop as I would like to network more with local businesses, arts or otherwise. I like to think our prices are competitive, and the quality of our work high. Thanks for reading this, and good luck to everybody in these difficult times.

    Jonathan Jackson.


  • Wimbledon Studio Frames Upper Tooting - 4y


    Wimbledon Studio Frames is still open to enquiries via email and telephone.
    Framing continues, but at this time customers are not permitted into the workshop itself.
    Please call Jon on 07904779658 or better still, email him with details of your framing project(s). He will get back to you asap!

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