Together We Succeed

Together We Succeed is a community platfrom aimed at engaging talented people with opportunities within small to medium sized businesses. The mission and vision of TWS is to showcase peoples skills, talents and qualities for employability within SME's. We believe there are many talented individuals that are not able to make the most of their talent due to constant rejection and a lack of avenues to showcase their talent. On the other hand, we view SME's as the cornerstones of our communities and believe that should have the same avenues for growth and improvement as multi-national companies.

TWS operates by providing a talented person with with the opportunity to create a profile and online CV that the employers can see and view on the website > employers can create a personal profile on the site and post job listings within their business that can be applied for by local talent.

Candidate can apply for a job and be approached by a employer and a employer can view the persons profile and contact them, the system works both ways, a candidate can be approached by a business

On Candidates online CV, they are able upload a proof of their skills and talents that can be viewed by the employer, which lessens the chance of rejection etc, giving the talent a chance to show what they can do...

Please bear with us, as this is a newly launched start-up -

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