Southside Players

Southside Players are a non-professional theatre group based in Balham and have been going since 1987. Our next show is Cinderella from 14th February to 17th February 2018.

Our play choices are designed to appeal to both group members and the audience, and we have performed a wide range of genres, ranging from Greek drama, through Shakespeare, modern 20th century playwrights, to farce and panto. Check us out on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Little Women by Louisa May Alcott in an new adaptation for the stage

    Little Women is the timeless saga of four girls – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy – growing up in genteel poverty during and after the American Civil War.
    Meg, the eldest, is the family beauty; Jo the headstrong tomboy gifted with literary talent and a sharp tongue. Beth is kindly, anxious – and sadly stricken with Scarlet Fever. The youngest, Amy, is a proper little lady – socially adept and secure in knowing what she wants.
    The heart of the family is ‘Marmee’, the girls’ mother. She guides her daughters as they find their (sometimes difficult) way from older childhood to the glories of becoming young women.
    And the men in their lives - Father, shaken by his experiences of the war; upright John, who loves Meg; and young Laurie, who loves Jo – but can she return his feelings?
    Southside is proud to present this new play, adapted from Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, loved and read all over the world.