Pilates With Naama

Teaching Pilates. now on zoom

Working mainly with seniors and people who wish to improve their health.

Morning all. Some of you already know me and take part in my Pilates or Bellydance classes.

If anyone here is not used to stretch and exercise the muscles that hold our spine and joints in place. Its never too late to start.

On Wednesday 19th of May at 6 pm I start a 6 weeks course of Pilates with a chair ON ZOOM. The course will include standing and seated exercises and stretches.

On top of having Pilates qualifications I also hold qualifications as Corrective Exercise Specialist and Senior Fitness Specialist.

Many of my members are over 70 with all sorts of restrictions and limitations but they worked hard and now feeling fitter and able than ever before. Their cholesterol is down, blood glucose is down, they came off medications after latest blood tests showed a massive improvement in all aspects and most important is that they feel great and looking forward to do things they couldnt do for decades.

Full details on my website but feel free to visit other pages and get inspiration from them. They certainly my inspiration.


This is a one off Course to get you started and give you the confidence to improve your health so you then can join live classes or join the gym etc.

  • fitness class

  • pilates matwork

  • health & personal care

  • health and wellbeing

  • physio-led pilates