Minaka Solutions

Minaka Solutions provides technical & business solutions to organisations where they require assistance with their strategic direction of travel.

This could be by providing technical staff to:

• develop systems, tools, and processes,

• evaluate your direction of travel by providing potential solutions and help remove any current or future barriers,

• facilitate the delivery of your project,

to ensure that delivery of your goals is met.

We can be part of or outside of your team to deliver what is required, in all cases we will propose a solution that suits your business interests.

We don’t just throw software solutions at you for the sake of change, we understand your needs with the constraints you may have, where your current tools and processes need a tweak here or there then that’s what we will do.

So, require an evaluation of your systems & processes, Need assistance in delivery of technology? Project off track? We can provide solutions to deliver your objectives!

  • project management

  • it consultants

  • business analysis

  • solution providers

  • agile

Business Details

5 Bailey Grove, Inverkip, Glasgow & Strathclyde, PA16 0FJ