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Hey! everyone. Welcome

We are open during our COVID19 pandemic. We will be providing telephone consultations until the social distancing rules have ended.

What do we do?

Health comes first, Using herbs, in various forms, and so with our clinical training we have a conversation about your health and what changes you would like to see.

Then, a plan is devised with you individual blend of herbs, used medicinally.

See our website, or contact us via WATTSAPP on 07716906134.

All the best in these times.

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  • Financially i felt I could not afford a consultation however the fee was affordable, quite silly as health is vital. The clinic location was quite central to transport and the internal structure clean and pleasant.
    The practitioner seemed warm and I thought a bit young, I was shocked to learn we were the same age, so that made me think about my prejudices.
    My consult was deep and I felt my needs were understood. I also had an abdominal examination which I was told was necessary for my main ailment. I am starting to experience positive results, my first menstrual cycle was without severe cramps and my re- flux has settled. So far so good, I am very pleased and will update as time progresses. next time I will add photos, as I did not realise I would leave a review.

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