Established in 2017, GreenShoppers has become the UK's leading resource for everything related to cannabis. While the site focuses on cannabis-derived products, in particular, CBD oil, on the site you'll find a variety of information about the herb.

Although CBD is now only being recognized by experts as a compound that has incredible healing properties, this cannabinoid has been used for years by different cultures across the globe. At GreenShoppers we aim to educate our readers on CBD and hope that the information on the site, will give you a better understanding of Cannabidiol and assist you with your purchasing decision.

In addition to guides and informative articles, you'll find a plethora of information on the site, including product reviews and best practices on how to use CBD oil. Whether you are looking into CBD to assist you with a specific condition or simply looking to incorporate it into your daily lifestyle, our guides will provide you with all the information you need.

At GreenShoppers, we are passionate about using natural and herbal products to improve the quality of our lives and are always sharing our experiences. We've tried a wide range of CBD products to provide you with the highest quality information. Whether you're buying CBD oils, CBD edibles or another derivative, it's important to have a full understanding of CBD and it's advantages.

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