Golden Services

We provide a service which allows our support service users to remain living safely and securely in their own homes and to enhance their lifestyle and allow them their independence and comfort. Our approach is based on the idea of working with our support service users. We provide this service to a wide range of support service users who have a variety of care needs, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication. Your care needs are first identified by brokers or social workers all working with relatives particularly in the case of older support service users, and we always consult everybody concerned when putting together a care plan for their loved one. We also report back regularly to ensure that everyone who needs to know, including social services and medical professionals, is kept in the loop. The care plans contain a simple life form called ‘About me’ which gives information about an individual's life and an insight for our Support workers into their experiences, which enables staff to gain valuable knowledge about the person. This is completed as a one to one activity which cares staff enjoy as much as the service users.

The choice is offered at every opportunity to all our Service users in their day to day lives and given in a way that respects their abilities of understanding. End of life choices are recorded in the care plans and families are encouraged to contribute. The consent to care and treatment form is placed in every Service user file which states information about Advance decisions and power of attorney. The care plan states if resuscitation is required and the decision is respected. We work closely with other professionals in palliative support and all staff are trained in palliative care and any equipment that is required to ensure the Service user is comfortable. Compassion is shown to all our Service users and their families and where possible we attend funerals as a rule to give our respects. Discussions of a personal nature are always held with a service user in their home and addressed with views and opinions being recorded and updated in their care plans. Families are encouraged to join any discussions & their comments are valued. All staff are fully aware of the confidentiality policy. We offer continuity of care workers to help promote better relations and our visit times are no less than 30 minutes to ensure our Service users do not feel rushed and get the care and support they need.