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Ferreira is a store based out of London, UK, working with four of the most renowned manufacturers in Italy to produce surfaces and porcelain tiles. With over 40 collections of refined and engineered porcelain slabs and tiles for kitchen, bathroom, dining, floor, living room, etc. It combines high technical performance with aesthetic style and elegance. The brand was conceived out of a vision to serve Architects, Interior Designers and end-user with knowledge and products that match their purpose.

  • Ceramic vs Porcelain Tiles: What’s the Difference?

    Discover the distinctions between ceramic and porcelain tiles in this comprehensive guide. Uncover the characteristics, durability, and applications of each to make informed decisions for your next tiling project.

    Although they can both be used in a similar way, ceramic and porcelain tiles are worlds apart. Sometimes people use the terms ceramic and porcelain interchangeably. This is incorrect. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are two different products.

    Typically, your project will dictate which type of tile would be best. However, before you get to work, Ferreira’s have highlighted below the main differences between ceramic and porcelain tiles.

    Read Here: https://www.ferreiras.co.uk/blog/ceramic-vs-porcelain-tiles-whats-the-difference/

  • Latest Bathroom Tile Trends: Tips for Modern Bathroom Design

    How one envisions their bathroom reflects their ideal personal space for relaxation and clarity. The emotions you want your space to depend upon the designs and finishes you decide to incorporate.

    Bathroom tiles open the gateway to express your inner ideas, painting a portrait of splendour and beauty. The challenges creative minds face can be numerous and may restrict your imagination.

    If you feel lacking in inspiration and overwhelmed with all the choices presented for exploration, it’s time to start expanding your vision board with elegant contemporary stylings.
    Read :https://www.ferreiras.co.uk/blog/latest-bathroom-tile-trends-tips-for-modern-bathroom-design/

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