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  • If you're in business it's important to have an active LinkedIn profile. I've found it a great platform for networking with other business owners and of course it's great for prospecting too. Let's connect - here's my profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marketing-for-growth/
  • https://www.scooploop.com/thread/seeking-business-owners-who-need-an-influx-of-extra-sales
  • Sarah @Sarah10 Clapham updated 11 months ago
    Are you frustrated with the current results of your marketing and advertising ? Would you like to sell more products or services but you don't want to spend more money ? Would you like to finally discover the science that 'makes marketing work' so you can increase your sales and profits? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then I want to give you access to a free training which will teach you (among other things)... - The 9 free tactics you can use right now to immediately increase your sales and do it without spending an extra penny - The one 'sales converting' tactic most small businesses don't use, but when you do will multiply your sales overnight... and simultaneously enable you to increase your prices without reducing sales - The simple 'Success Formulas' that make it a cinch for you to implement the 9 proven sales-generating tactics, often within 30 minutes The training is completely on line but you do need to commit some time each day for 5 days. I'm sure you'll agree it's well worth it to learn how to massively increase your sales without spending a penny more than you do already on your advertising and marketing. There's no catch to this - I just want to help as many SMEs survive the pandemic by generating crucial new business. So if you're an ambitious business owner please get in touch with me for access to this fantastic training.
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  • Sarah @Sarah10 Clapham updated 11 months ago
    Do you try and market your product/service to everyone? Getting clear on your target market is just one nugget of wisdom this business owner gained from the 'Sell More Stuff' Challenge. Lots more of these nuggets to be had over the 5 days of the challenge too! Well worth doing. #marketing #smallbusiness #growth #sales
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  • New members please feel free to introduce yourselves and let us know what you do. I'll kick things off... I'm Sarah, a freelance marketing expert and business growth mentor based in Clapham. Happy to offer help and advice on how you can use smart marketing to increase your leads and sales - just ask!

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