• Min @Min Portslade 10 months ago
    Fun bike ride starting at the Level, Brighton 5 pm and going along the seafront and back. Lanterns and lights encouraged. See link from Brighton Bike Hub https://fb.me/e/1onEopi5w
  • Min @Min Portslade updated 11 months ago
    The Plague by Albert Camus I have just finished this book that I waited for four months from Amazon. Based in 1940's and detailing the lockdown of a city due to the pestilence. Good book, the narrator's observations on the conditions, the people and how they react to their situation I found interesting. Some similarities to our own times but also different and harsher, no one allowed out, sick people carted off to the quarantine centre, surprisingly cafes and cinemas were open!. If anyone would like to read it I can send it to you if u pm your address
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