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    As we all move towards 19th July, there are very different thoughts about what and how and why. Are you feeling less that confident about what is going to happen and how you are going to cope. I have a free TAPPING, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) group on FB on a Tuesday evening at 6pm come and join and learn how tapping with our fingers on a few places around you head and upper body can help to maintain calm, reduce anxiety and help you through situations that you can't avoid. So join me, this is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/168896271907437
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  • Join us and Learn During this Pandemic many people have experienced some sort of emotional upheaval even trauma. Would you like to learn a technique that could help you manage these feelings? Would you like to learn a technique to add to your skills that could help your clients manage their feelings as we come to the end of these times? Would you like to become a person who wants to change direction as a result of this virus and learn this Am-az-ing technique to help people you know and even those you don’t come out the other side of this pandemic? At EFT Works we are committed to teaching you this wonderful skill. At Level 1 it’s just the beginning of your journey so join us on the 22 January 2021 to being learning the art of EFT https://www.tickettailor.com/events/eftworks/443000
  • Helping you with stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and so much more EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is a super easy tool to use for yourself and family or to add as tool to add to your therapy skills. There is a level 1 certified course being held on 24th October The pay link is on the poster so copy and paste to reserve your place on the course. We, Pippa and I look forward to seeing you there and will send you your manual and zoom link as soon as you give us your email address.
  • It all starts here! Spread the word come and join us EFT Level 1 Whether it’s for yourself or with a view to becoming a therapist. It is the basis from which we add to the tool box to become expert and add artistry and technique. This course teaches EFT from the beginning and follows the EFT International Accredited Level 1 syllabus. It is exciting, and often life-changing. Even if you are completely new to the 'therapy' world you will finish the day able and excited to use the technique for yourself, and on your friends and family, to resolve a wide variety of anxieties, problems and stress symptoms. If you are already a health practitioner you will have mastered the basics enough to get very significant results to add to the tool box. Our Introductory Training is intended to be complete and stand alone in its own right - so that even if you decide to go no further with formal training you will have gained a precious tool for life. However, we hope you may be inspired to take your learning further, and join us in reaching new levels of artistry. The basics of EFT are simple to learn but like Gary Craig we believe ought to be available to all. With practice you will gaining mastery and true expertise takes time, it really is worth it.

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